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This page lists the patterns, pamphlets and information sheets I can supply from stock. ** Here we discuss sales methods ** Further sets of patterns for children's garments and for headgear and small items are planned. Contact me if you have a specific pattern request ­ I may be able to help.

Don't forget to look under 'TEACH' for direct services ­ if you want adult patterns made to measure, you can come to my workroom for a personal fitting and learn more about the clothes you want at the same time!

  • 'Perfect Linens' ­­ £8 complete (40 pages), or £2.50 for Part 1 (14 pages) downloadable
  • Patterns ­ title and picture as thumbnail, or the whole thing as is?
  • Swaddling (downloadable)
  • And (require despatch) two Coifs sheets ­­ £2.50 each
  • Simple Baby Clothes ­ £6
  • Infants' Clothing ­ £10

Plus £1 p&p each order. Currently awaiting online ordering facility. In the meantime please contact me for details of payment etc.

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These images were copied by Sarah from original sources.

These images were copied by Sarah from original sources and are an important part of her research into medieval garments.

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