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The NEW Medieval Tailor's Assistant

The front cover for the new book. The front cover for the new book.

Revised and enlarged, this new edition includes 400 line illustrations, 80 colour photographs and 150 patterns, with more versions of every type of garment. New material includes:

  • Early garments –cotes and surcotes –in detail from 1100 onward.
  • Fitted blocks for a wider range of figure types, both men and women
  • Kirtles for bust support under the gown
  • Distinctive forms of early gown, as well as more variations of the gothic gown
  • A new chapter on heraldic and livery garments
  • Entirely new patterns for fashionable fifteenth-century headwear

Now available directly from the publishers at Crowood Press

Have you got yours yet?

Available in the UK through good booksellers, including Paul Meekins at the Original Re-enactors' Market, or from the publishers above. Also available from the publishers in all countries other than USA and Canada.

Available in the USA and Canada only from

Costume & Fashion Press/QSM, an imprint of Silman-James Press, Inc, 3624 Shannon Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Jetzt auch in Deutsch erhaeltlich VS Books .

Don't Want The Physical Version?

If you would rather have a digital version of the book, rather than a paper copy, Crowood Press have now released a .pdf version of Sarah's popular book. You can download this from Crowood's E-Book shop.

Also available on Amazon:

The Medieval Tailor's Assistant

The front cover of the original book.

Since its publication in 2001, this book has become the standard work for re-enactors around the world, who welcomed its concern for historical accuracy and its clear patterns and instructions: it was reprinted in 2004 and 2006.

ISBN 0-903585-32-4

If you can’t afford to replace your existing copy, you can still download the technical updates here.

Some comments on the 'MTA':

'This book belongs on the shelves of every medieval re-enactor'

Living History Register

' An excellent guide'

Buckingham's Retinue website

'I've just used your block-making instructions to fit a doublet - wish I'd had them years ago. I've always used the toile method, but the step-by-step instructions, and examples of the shapes you might get for different figures, are so clear, and give such a good fit. The sleeve isntructions also give a much better result. I made a trial sleeve by each method, so I can vouch for it!'

personal comment

Finally, for the Swedish speakers amongst you, Gabriel Pettersson has posted a translation of the toil making instructions from the MTA (with the endorsement of Sarah Thursfield) to his Blog for you to enjoy.

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									     'The Medieval Tailors Assistant.'

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These images were copied by Sarah from original sources.

These images were copied by Sarah from original sources and are an important part of her research into medieval garments.

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